Friday, July 19, 2024

Scary moment as South African boxer suffers confusion in final moments of title bout

During a ten-round title fight in South Africa, boxer Simiso Buthelezi suffered what appears to be a brain injury of some sort that led him to begin punching at the air in the final moments of a WBF African lightweight title bout.

After knocking his opponent through the ropes, Buthelezi then oddly began walking to the corner of the ring and throwing punches at the air.

The referee acted quickly to call a halt to the contest, Tim Boxeo of Twitter who initially reported the incident has since updated that Simiso Buthelezi is currently in a “stable condition in South Africa and in the next few days more will be learned as to what could have potentially caused such a strange and odd response in the ring”

Our thoughts are with Simuiso Buthelezi and we hope he goes on to make a full recovery and given some answers to what caused such a bizarre reaction.