Friday, July 19, 2024

Mike Tyson – Weed and shrooms make me a better fighter

Mike Tyson revealed that he was high on weed and shrooms when he fought Roy Jones Jr in November 2020, and also stated he feels the ‘medicine’ makes him a better fighter.

In the pivot podcast, Mike Tyson sat down for a heart-to-heart and was questioned about his use of weed and psychedelics “are you running away from something Mike?”. Tyson responded, “We don’t use this stuff to run away to, we use this stuff to run to us, this is what it is all about, we don’t get away from this it gets away from us”.

When Tyson was asked how smoking weed helps him, he stated “With everything, it helps me train, it helps me box better, when I am fighting I don’t really feel the punches, its some f**cking magical s**t”.

Tyson then went on to explain he was actually high on weed and shrooms when he last fought “I was on shrooms, I wouldn’t fight without them, are you crazy and some weed. I so wish I knew about this in my career, I am so f**cking mad I didn’t know about this shit”.

You can catch the whole podcast on the Pivot Podcast’s Youtube channel below.