Friday, July 19, 2024

Chris Eubank Sr urges the Boycott of Eubank Jr v Benn

Just as fight week commences for Chris Eubank Jr v Conor Benn, Chris Eubank Sr has issued a stunning statement that the fight should be boycotted altogether.

In an exclusive letter given to Spencer Fearon of The Fight is Right, Eubank Sr has urged people to boycott the fight. The statement reads: Dear Spencer and the Fight is Right. Boycott the fight. Livingstone Jr (Chris Eubank Jr) versus Benn. You know what 3 lbs beneath the middleweight limit at 33 years old can do. This is how brain injuries occur.

The fight is due to take place this Saturday night, October 8 and it had still been unclear as to whether Chris Eubank Sr would be in his son’s corner. In media interviews, Chris Eubank Jr has previously stated “We are working on it, how can he not be there?”.

Chris Eubank Sr was involved in a fight in 1991 with Micheal Watson which left Watson with permanent brain damage, so can openly speak from experience. Both fighters are making considerable movements in weight to make this fight happen, with nothing on the line in terms of rankings or belts, it is possible Chris Eubank Sr doesn’t agree with its purpose and of course is concerned about the safety of his son, who is having to make a weight he admits he hasn’t made since he was 18 years old, alongside rehydration clauses.

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